Connection Conversations with The Loves

Connect to spirit lead guidance and loving support when you work with Emelee along with channeling of the Loves collective through both channeled scribed letters and conversations via video zoom calls or live and in person.  Connecting to your spirit team and to Source helps you seek and find any of the answers your mind or heart are asking and moving through our external worlds with ease and flow require tapping and remaining connected to our internal world of unlimited possibilities and resources.   

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The Connection Program

This program is an opportunity to personally work with Emelee & the Loves and connect you to your spirit team and highest version of self where all the guidance and unique answers for your own life path live.  When you and your spirit team are in sync and connection there is that place of flow in all areas of your life that unfolds. 

This program sets for about a months’ time of 44 days & nights where we come together over scribed channeled messages and one-to-one conversations in whichever format you prefer. 

Emelee connects to the Loves and with the guidance of them and your spirit team helps point you back in touch with yourself.  There is inspirational guidance, actionable tasks and suggestions, and healing that surface as the Loves offer their energy and support.  They, as I agree, know that all our answers really lay dormant within at times until reconnection to our Source is unleashed and maintained.  The Loves & Emelee serve as a line of the reconnection to Source for you while providing support, steps, and guidance back through and to your own divine creativity, connection and center.  At the heart of the matter is where creativity, clarity, purpose, and love reside! 

Read about the connection program, Emelee-as the channel, and The Loves as the collective below!

Connection Conversations

The Program

For the course of 44 days/nights:

 ~A personal channeled message scribed just for you at the launch of the month!

~Weekly one-to-one calls and/or messaging conversations. You get to choose which!

~A personalized bonus care package from The Loves which at times may include items such as candles, crystals, artwork, or other gifts that are guided to be sent!

*This complete Loves package is created by them to serve you specifically as a line of reconnection to your own power and Source!

Emelee Bella

Intuitive, Channel & Scribe

In the beginning, born a highly sensitive child with intuitive & empathic gifts it felt overwhelming and troubling for little Emme with highly attuned inner knowing and clairaudience being the first and strongest Claire ability recognized.  Childhood was uncomfortable and daunting and later came to find out, during a shamanic past life journey, that it is then in childhood that I first called on love and support and from my spirit team at the age of 2 years old that the first Love and angel stepped forward and made herself present and active in my life. 

Since then, and over the years as life happens, my calling and purpose along with giftings and abilities were for a long while buried under conditioning and perceptions of life's experiences.  Over the course of my youth and young adulthood years I had called in more of my spirit team out of necessity and they stepped forward and closer thru times of pain and joy.  Many of my Loves consisted more and more of angels, guides, and even spirit animals and a poetic muse supported and helped me move thru life despite muddy and uncertain times. 

As a grown woman I found myself more frustrated with how stagnant and how low life was feeling as it was not looking like what I knew in my heart was meant to be for me.  It was no surprise though that it then hadn’t looked or felt ‘right’ because though I was hearing the guidance I wasn’t heeding or following the advice.  I would blame it on external forces and questioned often how could all I was receiving from spirit be so counterintuitive to everything I was told to be, to do, and to live.  It was during these dark times while in my 30s that I had enough. I was left with only the will to either die (literally) or to start coming ‘Fully’ alive! 

So, there I went and called yet again on my spirit team and the Loves and this time I promised them to not just hear but to listen.  Promising them and myself that I would take the inspired actions they would give me no matter how scary or ridiculous it seemed.  Then bit by bit life changed, mentors and signs showed up, my innate intuitive psychic and channeling gifts were coming back to life.  Suddenly everything was moving and shaking during this time; some with ease and most with strain to my ego self.  Accelerated times of deep inner work through education, workshops and courses unfolded and unboxed me. 

One of the biggest shifts then happening during an activation, online nonetheless, after a young woman barely in her 20s showed up in a group.  Here is when a channeled activation took place that looking back on now I know fully changed the trajectory of my life.  She was quiet and perhaps even visibly nervous in her beginnings, yet she was powerful and still radiated with an ethereal and otherworldly glow and strength which my soul recognized as Source and Spirit.  It was after those activations that I later came to work closely with her and was given the opportunity into Spirit Academy and was guided to step deeper into the rabbit hole and find my own connection to Source and my Spirit team through channeling.  Since that time, I have been refining my Clair gifts and channels and I am a certified Channeling Spirit Academy graduate of Athina Baileys  now using gifts and abilities daily for channeling through written scribe and holding connection conversations.  With such experiences that is also why I am a huge advocate for expansion thru continued coursework, practice, and application. 

I have been described as an old soul who on one end of the spectrum has been labeled can be described as an earth angel and on the other end of the spectrum described as earthy bruja, one who is empathic, sensitive, and gifted.  I would agree that most of that entails some bits of me, but as we humans are, it is not the whole story nor all-encompassing of me.  I also love holding safe space for clients and all my loved ones and have been known thru presence alone to share loving energy even in silence as well.  My favorite conversations and channelings come through with the maternal kind of vibes and it is often because as Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and other maternal energies and beings show up work to through me with me in many sessions.  Though the first channeling I experienced with Metatron was equally a powerful force in masculine fatherly energy that comes through quite often nowadays as well.  Especially for when I work with families, children and those that deal with the earth labeling of ADD, ADHD, Autism and other learning differ-abilities. 

To say that connection and reconnection to Source-Love is a huge component to all that I am and all that I do would be an understatement.  I take with great honor and immense joy to lean in and step forward more each day to this calling and spiritual work. The work to share the love, connection, and messages of Spirit-Source-Love is the work I look forward to sharing with you too! 

The Loves

Spirit Team & Collective

To Summarize and briefly explain who and what the Loves are is to best say that they/it is a collective of energy & light beings that come from Source-Love.  The ones that show up consistently and more often during my channelings are beings that are usually labeled as spirit guides, Archangels & Angels, the Higher-self, Ancestors, Galactic’s and go by an infinite number of other names; most labels would be correct and incorrect as even with all these terms and labels combined it is not all-encompassing or explanatory of who or what they or it are! 

They serve and represent Source-Love and work within the divine creative Source power asking that we keep in mind that even the word ‘love’ used her on earth does not nearly fully entail in our human experience its truest meaning and that even our fullest human experience of love is but a speck of the energy in its full mass.  Yet even despite the watering down of word usage of love, it is in our hearts that we humans still know the truest meaning and feels of Love.     

Over the years members of my spirit team, and other light beings, from Source-Love have made themselves know to me in powerful ways.  As I often mention one of the very first Loves that I called forth consciously even at that age was an Angel Agatha at my tender age of 2 years and laid low and felt dormant to me until I actively intentionally called up her as an adult and she reemerged.   More and more of my spirit team and Loves stepped forward during my youth and young adult years as I have several amazing guides and angels... even my poetic muse shows up to work with me heavily thru scribed writings.  These are only a few of the members of my spirit team, along with others, who have repeatedly confirmed and reaffirmed.

The Loves come through and show up specifically to support us with our reconnection & connection back to our Source by guiding us through into ourselves and therefore back in connection to Love.  From this space and place of connection, we have a constant tap and access to all divine knowledge and possibilities and support us on this journey here on this blue & green ball called Earth. 

To the Loves connection and the consistent maintenance of this connection is where our inner love and peace and most powerful self reigns.  It is here and how we live our fullest and most aligned purpose lead life. This applies to all matters of life whether with and for our family, careers, money, work, calling, and all relationships.  No area is too mundane or too complex for your spirit team and the loves for they can support and guide us through it all. 

 And so, their work is my work, the call to maintain a connection to Source-Love is one that I lovingly nourish and lean into.  The Loves and I wish you all the love, peace, and joy in this world and beyond; knowing that all things are possible with the connection, support & love of our collective and individual spirit teams! 

Connection Conversations

with The Loves will ...

... provide loving support ..

... inspiration and reignite creativity ..

... clarity & confirmations ..

and move you into inspired actions !

“...if you have the opportunity to connect with emelee please do... her heart is pure, love comes thru endless, and she brings that energy into every connection conversation and session.

— Tanya

“...A very reassuring, feel good reading. I like the specifics at the end... I like the readable format too, makes it very clear and easy to go over. Thank you so much, I'm excited to see what unfolds...!

- Liese

Emelee, I am extremely grateful to you for channelling for me. You have been spot on and from receiving information from yourself, I feel lighter for, lifted and that sigh of Ahhhh, feeling Blessed and connected and Happy!...

- Sandy

Transformation possibilties

with The Loves...

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